Lake Lucerne Travel Guide

Lake Lucerne Travel Guide

With the mountains looming over the morning sun and the mist rising from the water, it is easy to see why Lucerne remains a popular tourist destination. Where else can you relax and gaze at rivers, mountains and lakes, as well as architectural treasures like the baroque church and the medieval wooden bridge? In Lucerne, there is a wide range of hotels to choose from, museums, restaurants, and excursions. In addition, the smooth transportation network makes it easy to explore the surroundings.

Restaurants and Dining

If you are looking for a photogenic place to unwind during your stay in Lucerne, then you should consider the Old Swiss House close to Lowenplatz. This is a prime place for traditional delicacies like veal in cream sauced served with fried and over-grated roasted potatoes.

If you are want belly-warming dishes, there is no better place than the Fondue House. It offers several cheese and meat fondues, including one with Gruyere, garlic and vacherin. They also offer melted cheese over boiled potatoes, which is served with cucumbers and pickled onions. Other hotels and restaurants in the area include Beau-Rivage, Hofgarten, Krone, Montana, and the National Hotel, just to name a few.

Nightlife and Entertainment

For beer lovers, the Rathaus Brauerei offers a wide range of drinks and a great atmosphere. This tavern brews its own beers, including a light pilsner and a malty Bockbier. You can have these two drinks on site. If you are looking for a different atmosphere, then you should visit the wood-lined Stadtkeller.

Here you will enjoy folkloric Swiss entertainment like cowbells, yodeling, alphorns and national costumes. Both joints are located in the old town. Travelers looking for a more sophisticated entertainment should visit the Kultur und Kongress Zentrum (KKL). This is a postmodern performing arts theater in Lucerne, known for state-of-the art acoustics. In fact, it is one of the best in the world.

Lake Lucerne Travel GuideActive Pursuits

If you are visiting during the summer, then should head over to the Lido and enjoy a refreshing bath at Lake Lucerne. However, the most rewarding activity is the walk along the old city wall (Museggmauer). This runs north of the Altstadt. It offers panoramic views the lake, Lucerne’s rooftops, as well as the surrounding Alps.

Lucerne is small and compact enough to be explored by foot easily. You can visit the amazing sights and scenery on a leisurely stroll. A visit to Lucerne is not complete without strolling along the numerous wooden bridges in the area. The most prominent being the Chapel Bridge. Others include the Needle Dam, and the Mill Bridge. For those interested in more adventure taking a Kayak (more information about Kayaks here) on the the river for a fun day out which should be one of the highlights of your trip.


Lucerne is heavily reliant on its tourist trade. Therefore, you should expect a barrage of souvenirs in almost every street corner. Most of the items on sale involve folk handicrafts and wristwatches. The biggest jeweler in Lucerne is Bucherer. You can also visit the more folkloric and less conspicuously upscale outlets at Casa Grande. If you want linens and embroideries for bedrooms and table rooms, then you should make a stop at Sturzenneger. For more souvenirs for your trip, visit Nordmann & Co. They sell school supplies, clothing, and housewares, among others.

Final Word

As you can see, there is so much to see and do in Lucerne. In fact, you cannot exhaust them. Remember to bring along your camera and capture those amazing moments in Lucerne, since they are memorable.

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