Best Art Museums in Europe

Best Art Museums in Europe

Great history is found in museums. The collection of materials from events that happened a long time ago is found in these institutions. This kind of information is kept safe for future generations or for visiting guests to learn about the history of that particular region. The following are the best art museums in Europe.

Best Art Museums in Europe1. Tate Modern UK

The Tate Modern has a collection of art since 1900 to present date. The building was converted from a power station in Bankside, London. If you visit this museum, there are a collection of paintings and entertainment for you to see.

Best Art Museums in Europe2. Centre Pompidou France

Pompidou has Europe best contemporary art. This great museum shares a city with Louvre. The outdoor escalator offers you a good view of the city. You will find the Picasso collection, Kandinsky, Chagall, Matisse, and Miro. The arts are rotated every six months.

Best Art Museums in Europe3. Guggenheim Bilbao Spain

Guggenheim is branded as the 12th wonder of Spain. The building is full of impressing skills by Frank Gehry. The projects in this museum are by Richard Serra and Jeff Koons. It also features arts of other international artists who have worked in Basque region where the museum is located.

Best Art Museums in Europe4. Castello di Rivoli Italy

The building of Castello is a world heritage with numerous art collections. It has a collection of video, paintings, and sculptors from artists like Tracey Emin, Nan Goldin, and Anselm Keifer. In it is the world’s best restaurants Combal Zero. The food offered here is excellent.

Best Art Museums in Europe5. Kumu Art Museum

Kumu has arts from the 18th Century onwards. Located in the Eastern Europe in Tallin has an incredible building. The art gallery has a combination of the Soviet juxtaposing occupation. It has the whole history of Estonia.

Best Art Museums in Europe6. The National Gallery London

The gallery has a collection of art dating back from the 13th century to 1900. The entry to this museum is free, and the works are public owned by the United Kingdom. The National Gallery is among the top five most visited museums in the world.

Best Art Museums in Europe7. The Museum of Broken Relationships- Zagreb

The name is itself is interesting but just means it. The museum has a collection of objects that once connected people to their loved ones. They could be family, friend or lover. The museum of broken relationships will help you move over if you are suffering from a broken relationship. It helps one understand the value of objects we receive in a relationship.

8. Kroller-Muller Museum Netherlands

The outdoor sculptor work makes the Kroller stand out. It holds 160 sculptors work done by Jean Dubuffet, Augustus Rodin, and Barbra Hepworth among others. It is Europe’s largest Museum located at Veluwe National Park.

Best Art Museums in Europe9. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia Spain

The museum is considered among the best because it is the home of Pablo Picasso Monument. Many people believe it had the best influential art in the 20th century. The other collections you can get here are by Miro, Dali, and Gris.

Best Art Museums in Europe10. The Anne Frank House’ Amsterdam

The gallery is all about a diary written by Anne Frank. The young Jewish girl together with seven others went into hiding during the World War II to avoid the Nazis. They were hiding in Amsterdam, Prinsengracht 263 for two years before they were discovered and deported to concentration camps. Only Anne’s father survived.


History is and will be made every day of our life. The need therefore, of keeping records for future reference is paramount. These collections or documentation should be surrendered in museums for safe custody. In future there will be more museums to hold today’s history because of the improved technology. However, the ancient history should be left intact.

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