European Art Fair Monaco

European Art Fair Monaco

The European Art Exhibition is meant to bring together the best exhibitors in the world in both modern and ancient art. There are several objects for collection including jewelry. These groups of assemble under one name The Monaco European Art Show.

Why to Visit Monaco

Monaco is the meeting point of the Mediterranean and international cultures. The lifestyle is well preserved with a historical heritage and an exceptional micro climate. It is the smallest country in the world with a 3829m coastline and 2.2 km2 territory. However, it has a population of 32,000 people with 125 nationalities. The country has sixteen museums and eight parks to visit with a rich cultural sporting event every week. The state has set aside 250,000m land aside for environmentally friendly activities and factories.

European Art Fair MonacoThe Production

This program has two agendas mainly production of high-level exhibitions and production of shows or concerts. The performances are divided according to seasons summer, Christmas, and Easter. The summer shows are based on three characteristics stenographic writing, novelty and international calling.

The Shows

The Monaco has held musical shows in their original versions including the subtitles which have won over a lot of audience and tourists. Some of the productions that have been organized are Grease, Mamma Mia, Fame, and Chicago among others. There are other productions run by the Monaco cultural institution which is Monte-Carlo Opera House, the Ballet and the Princess Grace Theatre.


The Grimaldi Forum is best at breaking down the barriers. The concerts have different music styles. These shows include Pop-rock music, Jazz, World Music and Electronica. These shows are performed by best-renowned artists.


The GFM extramural is a reality to cultural development. The Grace Kelly exhibition organized in Paris, London, Rome, Moscow and other cities have attracted over one million visitors. These events have led to the reorganization of the Cultural Window of the Principality of Monaco. GFM look at the strength of a good team that can offer tailor-made exhibition which has good quality and absolute scientific value.

The Crafts

The topics must be validated by the board and must provide a new angle which has not been shown before. The aim is to bring together different teams that have not worked together before and have an active mind towards this project. They can access price controlled projects, prior deadlines, and technical constraints.


Cultural art speaks a lot about a country and its people. The need to preserve culture is vital. A well-maintained heritage is a home for tourists and educational tours for people who love culture. European art fair Monaco is one international site with well-preserved heritage that has an attraction from all over the world.

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Visiting Hallgrimskirkja Church, Reykjavik Iceland

Visiting Hallgrimskirkja Church, Reykjavik Iceland

A tour to Reykjavik in Iceland is fantastic. There are many sight-seeing places but the Hallgrimskirkja Church is one of the most recommended. It is one of the best tourist visiting destinations with many people having a picture taken at this particular sight. The Lutheran church is the tallest building in Iceland. It is also among the oldest building in this town.

The View of the Church

Visiting Hallgrimskirkja Church, Reykjavik IcelandThe church in Reykjavik mainland was designed in 1937 by the late Gujn Samuel. The construction of the church later began in 1945 and completed in the year 1986. The tower which is about 73m high can be seen from almost everywhere in the city. The church is also built on a hill making it difficult for anybody to see it. The tower was completed long before the whole church was complete.

This church was never intended to be very tall. However, the leadership of the church wanted to outshine the Landakot’s Church which is the Catholics Cathedral church. Therefore, they settled on the tall tower. To go to the very top of the church, you will need an elevator that costs about 900 ISK per person. It is also called the multicolored house of Reykjavik. The only disadvantage there is no wheelchair facility.

The Lutheran church is quite plain on the inside. The decoration only appears on the exterior. The 5275 organ is the most eye-catching feature which was elected in 1992. This body is 25 tons. At the front of the church is the statue of Leifur Eiríksson who first discovered America. The column of the church represents volcanic basalt which is a favorite of the Icelandic nationals.

The church underwent renovations in on the major tower to remove scaffolding in the year 2009. The tower is also used as an observation tower. One can go to the top to see the Reykjavik town and its surrounding mountains. Some people have a lower opinion of the church and refer it to a seal without its beach ball. The image of this church has appeared in many postcards making it an icon all over the world.

Church Activities

Visiting Hallgrimskirkja Church, Reykjavik IcelandThe opening hours depend on the season. During winter the church opens at 9 am, and the tower closes at 16.30 while during summer the church opens at 09.00, and the tower closes at 20.30. Due to the many activities at the church, it may close without notice for special services which are weddings and funerals.

The church offers an English service every last Sunday of the month at 2 pm. The church also provides a festival of sacred art held every second year where the International Organ Summer participates in each year. During the month of June to mid-August, you can hear the sound of the organ three times a week during lunchtime and evening concerts.


This church was built in remembrance of the hymn writer Rev. Hallgrímur Pétursson. He is known to have written hymns about the passion of Christ. These songs have been practiced more than any other book in Iceland. They are only fifty hymns but have been published time over time.

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