Designing your own home is a multi-step process which typically requires enlisting the services of several professionals – from architects and interior designers to plumbers and electricians. Considering the number of intricate processes involved in designing a home, all the while making it as aesthetically pleasing and functional as possible, it is not surprising to find many individuals opting to buy houses which are already built. This way, all they have to worry about is moving in and making some renovations, if necessary.

However, if you want your home to be specifically made in accordance to your taste, lifestyle, and budget, then you are better off having your home built from scratch. But what are the things you should consider when designing your home?

In this article, I will provide you with a brief overview of everything you need to know about designing a home. Of course, this will not be a comprehensive guide, but it should be a good starting point for those of you who want to have a better grasp of what it means to take charge of your home design.

What you should know about architecture

Everything You Should Know About Designing A HomeFor a lot of individuals, saying the word “architecture” evokes images of old cathedrals or towering skyscrapers. But while notable architecture certainly pertains to such magnificent structures, good architecture is just as important when designing your home.

Architecture combines elements of design with economics in order to create a cost-efficient space for the people using them. Architecture goes beyond the façade of the building and likewise takes into consideration how the space is used, how it facilitates movement, and how it suits the lifestyle of the people using the space. Hence, architecture is an important consideration when designing your home considering that it is the best way to ensure that your space is maximized without sacrificing style.

If you are working with budget constraints or with limited space, then architectural services are even more important. While enlisting the services of an architect will set you back, getting professional help is still the most cost-efficient way to build your home. A good architect can help you find ways to maximize a limited floor area, as well as apprise you of the ways to cut costs without sacrificing good design. Moreover, enlisting the help of an architect will ensure that your space is as safe and as comfortable as possible.

For individuals who are having difficulties figuring out how they want their home to look, the services of a good architect are also indispensable. An architect can help you figure out what style to incorporate into your home design, as well as help you design your home in such a way as to allow for renovations or remodeling in the future. For those who already know how exactly they want their home to look, an architect can serve as a fresh set of eyes who can say which particular design elements will or will not work, or which particular spaces can further be improved in the name of aesthetic and practicality.

What you should know about interior design

Everything You Should Know About Designing A HomeOf course, a home is more than just a structure. A space can hardly be called homely if it is completely bare. This is where interior design comes in. Whereas architecture is all about creating the space, interior design is all about decorating the space.

Regardless of how small or how big your space is, there are ways by which you can make them appear bigger or cozier than they actually are. You can also evoke certain moods in different areas of the house, depending on what color schemes, materials, or elements you introduce into the spaces.

The common misconception about interior design is that it focuses solely on aesthetics. This could not be farther from the truth. As with architecture, good interior design also takes into consideration effective usage of space. However, while architecture focuses mostly on the structure itself, interior design places a premium on what is contained within the structure – from furniture to light fixtures.

That said, if you are going for a specific theme when it comes to your home design, then enlisting the help of a good interior designer is a surefire way of making your interiors go harmoniously with the architecture. Moreover, interior design will aid you in further maximizing your space through storage and space-saving solutions without sacrificing aesthetics and comfort.

As with architecture, enlisting a professional interior designer would cost extra. The good news, however, is that interior design principles are a lot easier to grasp. If you already have a good eye or have previous experience in home renovation, you would probably find it less challenging to work out the design for your interiors. Of course, in certain cases, it is still better to get an interior designer. But if you are working with smaller home renovations, you might be able to work it out yourself.

Common home improvement projects

As you can see from the previous sections, building your home from scratch can be quite costly. Because of this, a lot of individuals opt to just buy houses and do some renovation or remodeling. It must be noted that home improvement is an umbrella term which can cover a whole range of projects, ranging from something small such as changing light fixtures to something more substantial such as revamping an entire room.

In this section, we will talk about common home improvement projects which you can undertake to improve your home.

Painting or repainting using a paint sprayer

Everything You Should Know About Designing A HomeThe easiest home improvement project you can undertake is painting or repainting your home or at least certain sections of it. While you certainly can outsource this job to a professional, painting your home is a fairly easy job which you can do so yourself. Of course, if you are inexperienced, the whole process can take a bit longer, but it is generally beginner-friendly.

When it comes to house painting or repainting, you have several options depending on your needs and the job itself. For example, you may opt to go use a brush, a roller, or a paint sprayer for your painting project. If you are painting or repainting only a small section or a non-flat surface, then using a brush is the easiest way to do the job. It is very straightforward, requires no expertise whatsoever, and very little preparations is needed. If you are planning on painting or repainting entire walls or panels, however, using a brush is not the most convenient option since it can take quite some time. In such case, using a roller is the best option. If you are doing a big painting job requiring you to paint both flat and non-flat surfaces, then using a paint sprayer is the most efficient way of doing so and in that case finding the best paint sprayer suited to the type of project you are doing is needed. There are many different types of paint sprayers you can choose from that will fit different styles, project size, and what kind of paint you want to use. Using a paint sprayer is quick and easy (at least after you have prepared and configured everything) and allows you to evenly paint various surfaces. Since you do not have to keep switching between a brush and a roller, you will be able to finish your painting job a lot quicker. The downside of using a paint sprayer, however, is that it is extremely necessary to wrap everything which does not need to be painted. Otherwise, the process is quite hassle-free.

Ceiling fans

Everything You Should Know About Designing A HomeEven with the popularity of air-conditioning units, ceiling fans are still handy home appliances, especially if you want to save on your electric bills. During warmer months, using a ceiling fan alongside your air-conditioning unit will enable you to run the thermostat at a higher setting without experiencing any discomfort. Since your air-conditioning unit is not working as hard to keep the temperature low, you also get to lower your electric consumption.

Another good thing about ceiling fans is that there are models specifically made for outdoor installation, so you can create air flow even in your patio or balcony. This will allow you to enjoy lounging outside even during warmer days without having to bear with the heat. Moreover, outdoor ceiling fans are also helpful in driving insects away, thereby allowing you to lounge and even eat in peace outside your house.

Another upside to ceiling fans, aside from its practicality, is that it can also improve your interior design. The best rated ceiling fans are now available in a variety of styles and designs, so you can certainly find one that will work for you and your home. You can even make your ceiling fan a conversational piece and an integral part of your interior design.


Everything You Should Know About Designing A HomeA good, well-designed bathroom is an underrated luxury. Fortunately, improving your bathroom does not mean having to tear down everything and rebuilding from scratch. Sometimes, it is just a matter of adding a nice set of fixtures such as a high quality shower head or a good looking toilet which will not only make your bathroom look better, but also make it more functional.

A quick and relatively easy way to improve your bathroom’s overlook is by changing the faucets. A plastic faucet head is certainly cheap and easily replaceable when necessary, but it does nothing to make your bathroom look better. If anything, it can clash with your bathroom’s design or make it look drab. That said, if you have the money to spare, it would be a good investment to purchase and install stainless steel or chrome-finished faucet heads. Not only do these finishes look streamlined and elegant, but they are also very versatile. That said, they will likely look good with the rest of your bathroom even after you do a remodeling in the future. A Good bathroom faucet fixtures can even serve as accent pieces for your bathroom! Moreover, a high-quality faucet head will avoid leaks and, hence, avoid water wastage. Note that while leaks might seem unnoticeable on a monthly basis, the water wastage can really add up over time, especially If you have water leaks all over the house.

Another way of improving your bathroom is by installing an exhaust fan. Bathrooms are typically closed off areas with little to no air flow, so they tend to be stuffy. If you do not have the time to clean your bathroom on a regular basis, you might even notice that smells to get trapped inside the bathroom.

One way of ensuring that your bathroom does not end up stuffy is by making sure that there is at least a small window in the bathroom. This way, you can air out the bathroom after use, thereby ensuring that moisture does not get trapped inside. By doing so, you also get to avoid unwittingly creating a breeding ground for molds and mildew.

However, if your bathroom does not already have a window built in, an easier option would be to install an exhaust fan. There are several benefits to installing an exhaust fan in your bathroom. The first benefit is the elimination of odors. This way, smells will not get trapped inside your bathroom and will not affect the towels or curtains. Second, an exhaust fan also helps with humidity reduction. Note that too much humidity can ruin the paint and wallpaper, causing it to peel. Also, too much humidity creates a breeding ground for molds which can be difficult to get rid of, especially since they accumulate rapidly. Finally, installing an exhaust fan also helps in reducing airborne contaminants. Detergents and cleaners used in bathrooms are typically abrasive and can cause health problems when inhaled, so it is best to air out the bathroom after cleaning.

A beautiful, comfortable home is essential in improving your quality of living but getting a livable home can take some hard work, not to mention expenses. Of course, there are ways by which you can minimize spending on home improvement; you just have to know what particular changes you want to introduce into your home.

Enlisting the services of professionals in doing your home renovation or remodeling can set you back by no small amount, but the outcome will certainly be worth it. in the long run, it can even help you save on repairs.